Chavez : Playboy model claims she had a deep relationship with Ronaldo

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Playboy model Daniella Chavez claims to have had a deep relationship with Manchester United superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

         The Portuguese star has been in a high-profile lawsuit after Kathryn Mallorca filed a lawsuit against Ronaldo alleging. That Ronaldo rape her back in 2010, which he denied all the time before the dispute was finally settle. Out of court, with Ronaldo agreeing to pay €375,000 in compensation to the parties a year later. 

         But in 2018, Mallorca went ahead with a lawsuit against the star, claiming that he had been threaten by a lawyer by the other party and had to sign a settlement until the court dismissed it last year.

         In Chavez’s case, he revealed details of his relationship with Ronaldo, but did not specify when it happened, but said it was fulfilling his own dream ufabet.

         “Cristiano Ronaldo was very embarrassed at first. But when he built up his confidence He showed his masculinity despite being a bit scared,” Chavez told Reforma.

         “He loves me, but his thoughts don’t show. I just want to fulfill my dreams and have sex with him. I love his figure, [Ronaldo likes] my face, my breasts and the fact that he never sleeps with his friends.”

         Meanwhile, it is reported that Chavez is attempting to buy Chilean club O Higgins using the proceeds from his own OnlyFans.