Gugureya thinks he’s being moved out of Barcelona

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Chelsea left-back Mark Gugureya has spoken of his career path, pointing out that leaving Barcelona was one of the best decisions he has ever made.

         The 24-year-old began his career as a youth player with Espanyol at the age of eight, until the age of 14 joined Barcelona in 2012, but ultimately failed to make it into the first team. and moved to Getafe in 2020, followed by Brighton the following year.

         Latest with the local football at Stamford. At Bridge for £63million, Cucurella has revealed things would have been different if he stayed at Camp Nou.

         “Of course it’s difficult because in my case I’m always at Barcelona, ​​my family is here. It’s hard to change cities. go with another team And the style is different,” said Gugureya.

         “I understand, I have to take one step back to get the chance to play and perform well. I think it would take me three or four or five years – I was at the biggest ufabet club. but in my head I’m always focused on playing. And maybe someday I’ll have a chance (signing a contract with a big team)”

         “I think one of my best decisions was to leave Barcelona for a smaller team. They gave me a chance Maybe if I don’t switch teams I will be sitting on the bench for a long time and I probably won’t be here (Chelsea).”