How to play online baccarat

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How to play casino online baccarat will be developed to be more suitable for playing online. How to play, gamblers just choose what form they want to bet on from the betting board. There are 5 types of play to choose from, namely banker bet Bet on the player side, bet on the draw, bet on which side will be a pair. Which can be seen that it is very different from playing baccarat in a real casino ufabet. Because in real casino, every player gets 2 cards each and can call 1 more card.

But in casino, online baccarat in the betting screen will be live playing. The dealer will deal cards out into 2 piles or of the 2 sides to choose to bet on. Then the dealer will reveal the cards on both sides and add 1 card to each side. If the cards on either side or either side are low And in determining the win or loss will still apply the same rules as playing in the casino. Whoever is closer to 9 points more than that person wins the bet in that round.

If the gambler chooses to place a bet correctly, the winning side will receive the prize money from that game round. By the payout rate, casino baccarat , the player’s side pays 1 time of the bet. The banker side pays 0.95 times the stake. The tie bet pays 8 times the stake. The pair bet pays 11 times the stake. which can start betting per round with a minimum capital of 20-25 baht, depending on how much the game of each camp is mainly