Manchester United fans reveal plans to protest before the red game

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Manchester United fans reveal plans for Glazer family protests The owners of the ufabet club ahead of their home game against Liverpool in the Premier League on Monday.

         Manchester United fans opened their first two games in defeat. Which made the dissatisfy fans even more serious. As the 1958 tried to be the mainstay in pushing the Glazers out of the club. By calling for all football fans to come together.

         “Today we revealed our plans for the game against Liverpool, a game that the world has been watching. A game where United fans will come together and show the world their deep dissatisfaction with this atrocious ownership,” The 1958 said in a statement.

         “Ownership is starving and destroys the worst football academy in football. Because of gree we cannot let this happen any longer! This is not a difficult difference, it is unity. All United fans have the right to protest against The 1958 or do it for themselves.”

         “It’s not about confrontation. As we have say before Leave the differences aside. Protest in the courtyard. We raise our flags as our focus points, raise our voices. Be proud and stand as one.”

         We keep the peace We don’t have to let any football fan be enthralled by Glazer propaganda, bring enthusiasm, make noise, bring passion to the Glazer family.”