“Premature aging”, Take care in advance”Premature aging”, Take care in advance”Premature aging”, Take care in advance

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In addition to the problem of obesity. Premature aging It seems to be a problem that bother me quite a bit, some women think that they are young. You don’t need to take care of yourself much. The skin is still clear. Collect points first I will thank myself That has captured the beauty since not yet 30 year old.

1. Avoid the strong sun

Soft sunlight at 6 am and after 5 pm contains vitamins that are good for the skin. But the sun at other times has a very high UV radiation. Until able to penetrate Can destroy the collagen under your skin. More importantly, do not forget to apply sunscreen regularly. And wearing a wide-brimmed hat That can cover the sun as well.

2. Do not sleep late 

Do not think that sleeping late is compensated by waking up late instead. Because even if you sleep for 6 hours as your body needs but it’s not a good time with the skin. People who stay late often, their skin will become tired, causing unnecessary flexibility loss.

3. Regularly wash makeup every day

Never go to bed with your makeup on full face. Because cosmetics will clog pores Makes the skin lack oxygen to nourish. The skin will look visibly worn. And most importantly, acne asked for sure

4. Drink water often. 

Emphasize only clean water, not soft drinks, coffee, tea or alcohol. Clean water will keep your skin healthy. Helps detoxify the skin that makes the skin tired. And most importantly, it creates flexibility for the skin. People with dry skin to have wrinkles prone because of lack of water to nourish under the skin.

5. Practice facial exercises every day.

It’s not difficult to do, just recite the words “Aei Ou” morning and evening to prevent premature aging. Practice every day Can already help exercise the facial muscles More importantly, when surfing, do not forget to fully open your mouth. Your muscles will be enlarged.

6. Reduce sugar a lot 

Girls who are delighted with dessert You may not know that sugar is the main enemy of the skin. Because the body’s metabolism in sugar requires high heat. Causing waste to build up on the skin The more sweet it comes, the more rubbish. People who like to eat sweets. Therefore tend to wilt very quickly The word for dessert includes spirits, cocktails, wines, and beautiful colored spirits.

7.Use essence Or serum that helps reduce premature aging

Skin care with essence that helps reduce premature aging. It is indispensable for women. That want to prevent premature aging Because although the wrinkles may not look obvious, but women know that important substances under the skin such as hyaluron are reduced from the age of 20, as well as various free radicals caused by pollution, sunlight and stress that women today avoid. Hard Also resulting in the skin loss of firmness. The pores look bigger too, but women don’t have to worry about it anymore. Because today we have a new essence that is hot to introduce Very suitable for girls Who want to take care of premature aging And tighten pores.