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No one will deny that being in good shape and being strong is what everyone dreams of. This has made many people try hard to lose weight by using methods such as exercise, diet. Or even eating supplements to help you lose weight. But supplements are not always safe. It’s good if you find a good supplement, but if you find a supplement that contains chemicals that are bad for your body.

in spite of the fact that the supplements may also contain ingredients from herbs around that. We can eat them fresh without having to rely on the extracts that are in them at all. Plus it’s safer But are there any herbs that can help you lose weight? Today, we brings information of herbs that can help you lose weight and fat. Let’s go see what kinds of herbs that are eaten and have a beautiful figure and good for health as well.

Thai herbs for weight loss, fat loss for a perfect figure with 5 kinds of herbs that are full of benefits. Anyone who is currently losing weight should not miss it. 

1. Lemon,

If talking about herbs that taste avant-garde that can lose weight. Surely have to think of lemon Because it is now a popular herb used in weight loss. Plus, recipes for losing weight with lemon juice are also varied. 

The reason lemon juice can effectively reduce obesity is because lemons contain various acids which help in the breakdown of fat. In addition, lemons are high in vitamin C. When given in moderation, it will decrease body fat. Triglyceride levels will also be normal. The bad fat is reduced and the good fat increases. Plus lemons are also high in fiber. It can make you feel full and reduce your appetite. Anyone who is looking to lose weight and like the sour taste. This lemon should not be plastic.

2. Basil seed

Although basil tablets do not contain nutrients that directly aid in weight loss. But basil seeds can help in the diet. Because basil seed is a plant that does not generate energy It can also swell up to 45 times if taken before meals, it will help you feel full. And help you eat less food 

Basil tablets can also be eaten in both children and adults. Safe for pregnant women and nursing women as well. But if you don’t like to eat fresh basil seeds, you can mix them with other drinks as you like, but you need to soak them up to the fullest first. Otherwise, it may cause bloating and constipation instead.

3. Okra

Okra that we used to make okra juice. It is a herb that can help you lose weight quite well. Especially the calyx of flowers Or the remaining petals attached to the fruit It can be used as a fat-reducing drug in the blood vessels. Studies and experiments with high fat rabbits have found that triglycerides, cholesterol and bad cholesterol (LDL) levels are reduced and the amount of good cholesterol (HDL) is increased. Less blockage of the aorta from the heart 

While in Egypt The whole hibiscus is also boiled and eaten as a weight loss drug. Because it is a laxative and can also help kill intestinal infections. But we do not need to find okra to boil and eat it. If you really want to lose weight with okra, try to find okra juice without sugar to drink, it will help as well.

4. Safflower

Safflower is another herb that is good for reducing fat in the blood vessels. Helps sweat Which is very suitable for drinking before going to bed Because it is a mild laxative, it can aid in bowel movements, reduce abdomen and help with weight loss, which at present we can buy ready-made safflower to drink easily. 

But if anyone likes freshness, you can buy safflower that is red and boiled in boiling water for about 5 minutes and then filtered for the water. If you want a sweet taste, you can add sugar as you like. But if you are drinking to lose weight what it is Should be replaced with stevia instead to get a sweet taste. Plus also reduce obesity in two ways.

5. Holy Basil

Basil is a herb that is widely used in cooking. It is also a very popular food. Which properties of holy basil As we already know, that is, it has the power to drive the wind. Helps to solve the pain in the stomach and feces. But another great feature of holy basil that we rarely know, that is Help excrete fat and sugar 

Have you ever wondered? Why must a la carte dishes include stir-fried basil, beef, basil, chicken, and pork basil? Also has the effect of excreting excess fat and sugar from the body In addition, holy basil will help to excrete bile in the liver to help digest fats better. So if you want to lose weight what it is Holy basil leaves are also a good choice.